What Are You Going To Do If You Win A Hundred Million Pesos In The Lottery?

 I’m not a big fan of easy money, nor do I know how to place a bet there, but I just thought of: what if a hundred million pesos suddenly appeared in front of you and it’s clean money (assuming taxes are paid)?

How long can I make that money last?

  1. I’m going to get myself a comprehensive health insurance. I guess allotting 15 million for it will not hurt especially if it’s going to cover me and my family more than twice of what I’ll pay for.
  2. I’m going to quit our jobs, of course. That is after I calculate how much I’ll need to spend on our daily living, in case there isn’t any upgrade with our lifestyle. I’ll also calculate how much I need to allocate in case I want an upgrade.
  3. I will give in a little splurge by buying that condominium I’ve been eyeing ever since they’re presold, make sure that sun reaches the room at the right time.
  4. I will buy the beach house I’ve been visualizing for the longest time. Yey!
  5. I’m going to buy a property that gives me the ability to grow my own food. I really like the concept of seeing things growing. A nice from the backyard salad for merienda? Why not!
  6. I make sure I invest on a higher insurance coverage. It’s the same concept of health insurance but this is the type I want to pass on my kids easily. 7. Buy my family members their funeral plan, too. Since I already got mine started, I know that the price is cheaper now that I pay it while we don’t need it yet.
  7. I will purchase different properties that I can open for either long term, or short term lease.
  8. Diversify by investing on different investment vehicles.
  9. Buy a Jollibee Franchise

Health Insurance for 4 8,000,000
Upgraded lifestyle at 45,000 a month for the next 30 years 31,000,000
Dream condominium with a little provision for association costs 18,000,000
Beach house 4,000,000
Farm property 1,500,000
A higher insurance coverage 1,000,000
Funeral plan for three more 500,000
An apartment complex property 5,000,000
Different investment vehicles 1,000,000
Jollibee Franchise 30,000,000

Almost at the end of coming up with the numbers, I had to change provisions to make sure I get to squeeze them all. 100 million isn’t enough yet to reach all my dreams in life.

It seems daunting to hold such a big amount of money especially without having a plan. My plans, as elaborate as they are, still could not fit the budget as big as 100M even if there’s still more I want to acquire. I’m not even near a hundred million worth right now, but that doesn’t stop me from continuously wanting to have them and making sure I’ll be able to tick a few in this lifetime. The worst lies when we don’t have a plan on how we would allocate any amount to sustain our life choices. 100M clean cash? Let me know!


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